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Dear Reader,

We’ve worked hard to make MOMmunizations a useful resource for parents since it launched in 2012, and we’re proud of what we’ve developed.

At first, we wrote primarily for parents. We told their stories, we offered access to essential resources, and we shared powerful testimonials from pediatricians and survivors of vaccine-preventable diseases.

We will continue that coverage. But as The Immunization Partnership continues to grow and evolve, so must our blog. It’s time to expand our focus beyond parents — teens, young adults, and seniors need vaccines, too — and to integrate the stories and tips from our blog into our main website.

It’s with this in mind that we say goodbye to MOMmunizations here on WordPress and launch our new blog: TIP TalkThere, we’ll help readers more easily access additional tools, resources, and strategies they can use to speak up for vaccinations in their communities and online.

Please join the conversation by visiting:

Thank you for reading!

Anna C. Dragsbaek, JD
President and CEO of The Immunization Partnership

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