2016 Vaccine Resolutions to Make Now

New Years FireworksAfter all the champagne and midnight kisses, it’s now time to get started on your resolutions. Here are five resolutions you can make in 2016 to help protect yourself and your community.

Be a better vaccination advocate
Resolve to do more to educate your friends and family, expand access, and pass pro-vaccine legislation this year. Whether it’s sharing general guides, speaking up about specific illnesses, or navigating tricky situations, TIP has the tools to make you the vaccine advocate your community needs. Read up and resolve to do better in 2016.

Get caught up
Lots of people have vaccines they know the CDC recommends, but just haven’t gotten around to receiving—like HPV or the flu shot. Or maybe you’re missing some shots, but you’re not sure which ones. TIP’s guide to identifying and catching up on missing immunizations can help you there. Whatever your situation, make 2016 the year you get caught up and stay caught up.

The vaccine community always needs volunteers. The Immunization Partnership needs people to work events, contact legislators and more. Don’t see an opportunity that works for you? Look into your local immunization coalition to see how you can participate.

Pursue a career in vaccines
Do you want to devote your life to immunization awareness, access, research, or education? There’s no time like the present, and there are a ton of career paths available. Check out our guide to vaccine careers; start working towards a job that makes a difference this year.

Support The Immunization Partnership
Busy schedule? You don’t need a ton of time to make a difference for public health. The Immunization Partnership needs support, so we can keep doing import vaccine advocacy and education. Resolve to start supporting us in 2016, and we’ll put the money to good use.


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