2015 Year in Review: TIP’s Top Accomplishments

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.30.47 PMAs we move into 2016, we take a look back on The Immunization Partnership’s amazing year. Thanks to the support of people like you, we were able to advocate, educate, and pass immunization-related legislation like never before. Here are some of our favorite accomplishments from the last 12 months. 

Remember: We want to do more work like this in 2015, but we need your help! Donate here!  

We Got The Message Out
Digital or analog, TIP reached Texans wherever they were in 2015.  Our online presence was up 139 percent from 2014 and 883 percent from 2013; plus, almost 4,500 people were reached through in-person, science-based presentations regarding vaccination. We had press releases, op-eds and interviews appear in outlets with national profiles, like the Houston Chronicle and the Washington Post.  Our message—vaccines are vital to public health—was heard like never before.

We Passed Important Legislation
Our biennial TIP Day at the Capitol was a massive success. Forty-two vaccine advocates from across Texas came to Austin and received advocacy training. Then they hit the halls, sharing their knowledge and concerns with Texas lawmakers. Thanks to their hard work, TIP successfully passed two pieces of immunization-related legislation in the 84th legislature.

We Helped Prevent HPV
Here at TIP, we know what a breakthrough the vaccine for Human Papillomavirus is. The virus can cause cancer in both men and women; we’ll do everything we can to prevent it. HPV vaccination rates in Texas are alarmingly low, so we hosted two Lunch and Learns to educate medical professionals on advocating for the vaccine. We’re thrilled to empower medical professionals to help those in their community.

We Helped Lay the Groundwork to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases
When we weren’t busy helping Texans receive essential vaccinations, we were pushing into the next frontier of the vaccination movement. In July, we hosted a webinar on Neglected Tropical Diseases—deadly diseases that disproportionately affect low-income areas at home and abroad, many of which are not yet vaccine-preventable. Dr. Peter Hotez explained the work that’s being done, the work that still needs to be done, and what we as immunization advocates can do to help.

We Let Loose!
And we know how to have fun! Our Golf, Glamour & Games of Chance fundraiser—held at Top Golf in Houstonlet participants master their swing at the driving range and test their luck with blackjack and poker. We all got to see Houston artist Taft McWhorter create an original work on the spot, that was then auctioned off to a lucky guest. The best part? All proceeds went to our mission of vaccine education and advocacy.

We want to do more work like this in 2015, but we need your help! Donate now (and write it off on your 2015 taxes). 

For more information about TIP’s programs and events, check out our website: www.immunizeUSA.org

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