Simple Ways to Create a Vaccine-Friendly Workplace

As a manager or business owner, you have a lot to take care of. Quarterly reviews? Check. Employee of the month? Chosen. Vaccines? Didn’t think you had to worry about that? It’s vital that everyone sticks to the CDC’s recommended vaccination schedule, and you have a unique chance to make it easy and affordable for your employees to be up to date.  Here are three concrete steps you can take to make your workplace as vaccine friendly as you are.

Give Your Employees Information
Putting information in front of your employees is one of the simplest and most valuable ways you can help the cause. This CDC handout includes a quiz that reveals what vaccines someone might need; encourage employees to use it to start a conversation with a healthcare professional. You can also syndicate the CDC’s adult immunization schedule on your website—it’ll appear under the banner. The schedule will automatically update when the CDC changes; employees and customers will always see the latest info.

Check Your Insurance
Take a look at your employee insurance plan. Does it cover vaccines? Which ones? Are there copays? Consider upgrading to a plan that fully covers immunizations. You’ll cover your losses because your employees will take fewer sick days. If you choose not to update, make sure your employees know about the gap in coverage. You should also point them to affordable vaccination options—like pharmacies and clinics—in your community.

Don’t Forget the Flu Shot!
The influenza vaccine is one of the CDC’s least adhered to recommendations, and you’re in a prime position to change that. Make sure employees know what the options are for their annual dose: doctor’s offices offer them, pharmacies and clinics are great places to get the dose too.  Allowing employees to leave work to get the shot is a great way to increase coverage.  Even better? Host a flu shot clinic on site. It’ll actually save you money, as a dose at a clinic is cheaper than the doctor’s office, and it serves up maximum convenience to your employees. Call your local pharmacy to get more information about hosting a flu shot clinic. 

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