Fascinating Vaccine Ted Talks to Watch Now (And Share With All Your Friends Later)

People are addicted to TED Talks, and it’s no wonder why: Industry experts of all stripes explain ideas that excite them in easy-to-understand terms—and inspire us all to try and change the world. There’s no easier way to learn the latest on any topic, including vaccinations. Start with these 4 talks to become a more informed, up-to-date immunization advocate.

Seth Berkely: The troubling reason why vaccines are made too late… if they’re made at all

Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, explains why there was no Ebola vaccine to help stop the recent outbreak—and what that can teach the immunization community. The crisis demonstrated many important points: how we should prepare for diseases, the danger of taking vaccines for granted, and how scientific findings about one disease (like the flu) can help inform immunizations for another (like Ebola). Finally, he points to the way forward in the fight against global disease.

Dr Adam Finn: How Vaccines Work 

Dr. Adam Finn explains what really makes vaccines work—not just individual immunity, but the herd immunity that is created when a whole community is protected. Using the history of whooping cough epidemics throughout the 20th century, he shows how herd immunity can eradicate diseases, and how those diseases can come roaring back when vaccinations rates fall. But, he says, there is hope. Just like humans can spread disease, we can spread ideas. This talk will help you spread the idea that vaccines are safe, effective, and necessary.

Brude Aylward: How We’ll Stop Polio For Good 

The polio vaccine is one of the immunization community’s greatest success stories. Thanks to the immunization, the deadly disease is now completely eradicated in the U.S. But, that’s not the case everywhere, as Bruce Aylward, Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization, reminds us. While celebrating how much good the dose has done, he explains how much work is still left and lays out a plan to wipe out the disease for good.

Adam Grosser-A Mobile Fridge for Vaccines 

Vaccine access is taken for granted in the U.S, but many developing nations don’t have the infrastructure to make sure residents can receive these lifesaving  doses. One of the biggest obstacles: Vaccines need to be kept at a cold temperature, and many remote villages don’t have electricity needed to power refrigerators. Adam Grosser, general partner at Foundation Capital, has created a potential solution—a refrigerator that works without electricity.


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