Simple Ways to Get Essential Vaccines, Despite Your Ability to Pay

It’s easy to think that you can’t afford vaccines you want and need. But it’s vital that everyone—despite your insurance plan—stick to the Center for Disease Control’s recommended vaccination schedule. The good news? Whether for a child, adult, or senior, plenty of resources can help you find affordable vaccines.  Here are four:

Vaccines for Children
Here’s the best news: Children are covered under the Vaccines for Children Program. Run by the CDC, VFC gives immunizations to kids at no cost to them or their parents. VFC will help  anyone under 19 who is eligible for Medicaid, uninsured, underinsured, or is of native American or Alaskan descent.

Free clinics
Many—but not all—free clinics provide vaccines (check with your local one). Even when they don’t, they’re an invaluable resource in your hunt for affordable doses. Workers at free clinics are experts on local health care options. With their on-the-ground knowledge, they can point you to the best local resources to get the protection that you need. Free clinics may also have a mobile unit that will travel to your neighborhood for easy access. 

Community Health Centers
Community Health Centers provide access to comprehensive and affordable healthcare right in your community. Some community health centers may charge for vaccines, but it’s often done on a sliding scale based on your ability to pay.  Check the HRSA site to see if there’s a Community Health Center near you.

There are a few ways to get vaccinated at a pharmacy. Pharmacists might administer the vaccines themselves, or doctors might be on hand to provide the immunization (either temporarily or by hosting a clinic on an ongoing basis). Vaccines administered by the pharmacist usually have an affordable, all-inclusive price. If the pharmacy hosts a doctor, however, you may be charged for the vaccine and for the clinic visit. Check before sitting down for the appointment.


4 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Get Essential Vaccines, Despite Your Ability to Pay

  1. Don’t forget your local health department immunization clinics. They are local branches of your state Department of Health, who are partners with CDC. They are providers of free VFC vaccine, as well as providers of free state vaccine programs. Many states provide free school-required vaccine even for children who are not eligible for VFC. They are also experts on your state school immunization laws and current immunization recommendations.

    • Thank you for your input Beth! Our state health departments are essential to keeping our communities immunized. We appreciate all that you do as a nurse.

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