Your Weekly Dose: August 6, 2015

A (not-for-profit!) malaria vaccine is on its way, the Surgeon General speaks out about the efficacy of vaccines, and 2015 flu vaccines are on the way. Plus: eight must-know facts about immunizations.

The World’s First Malaria Vaccine is Coming: This might be the best news we’ve heard all week. A malaria vaccine is on its way, and it will be entirely not-for-profit. How’s that for an answer to prayers? [Good]

Because, #VaccinesWork: Aggressive measles vaccination in Amish communities in 2014 reduced the transmission of measles dramatically—proving once again that vaccines do, indeed work. [PR Newswire]

The Surgeon General Responds: Dr. Vivek Murphy spoke out about a petition in opposition of SB277: “We all have a role to play. Vaccinations are one of the great triumphs of science and public policy, and we should make their benefits available to everyone.” []

2015 Flu Vaccines Are Ready: The U.K.-based drug-maker GlaxoSmithKline started shipping its flu vaccines to US pharmacies this week—meaning it’s just about time to schedule your flu vaccine appointment. [Modern Healthcare]

California Paves The WayCalifornia’s stringent new vaccination law (it prohibits religious and personal-belief vaccine exemptions) may serve as the model for legislatures around the country. [Patch]

8 Facts You Must Know About Vaccines: Immunizations prevent 2.5 million deaths per year, access to vaccines is difficult in many countries, and we’re losing money by not vaccinating every single eligible child. [Upworthy]

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