Your Weekly Dose 7.14: All the Vaccine News You Missed

Nationwide, parents are more supportive of vaccines than just a year ago; the US reports its first measles death in more than a decade; and  a vaccine for dengue is closer than you think. Bonus: Elmo and the Surgeon General chat vaccines.

Elmo Gets a Check-UpWatch the Surgeon General calm down an adorably nervous Elmo as he gets his first vaccinations (with a little help from TSwift). [The Daily Dot

Hope for Dengue Vaccine: A new antibody discovery offers hope for a vaccine to prevent dengue, the sometimes-fatal mosquito-borne virus that affects 390 million people each year. [Medical News today]

All It Takes Is One (Mutation): Just one mutation decreased the effectiveness of last year’s flu vaccine. Here’s how scientists are gearing up to make this season’s dose even more effective. [Healthline]

First Recorded Measles Death: The US marked its first measles death in 12 years last week, when an autopsy confirmed a woman in Washington State died from the disease.

Vaccine Attitudes Changing: In a recent study, 34 percent of parents think vaccines have more of an impact than they did a year ago—and 35 percent support more stringent vaccination requirements in schools and daycares. [C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital]

Free Meningitis Vaccines in ChicagoMore than 45 Chicago-area clinics and pharmacies (including Walgreens) are offering free meningitis vaccines following an outbreak of the disease last month. [Chicago Tribune]

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