Your Weekly Dose 6.27: All the Vaccine News You Missed

California passes a landmark vaccine mandate, the CDC issues a cautious meningitis recommendation, and pre-cancerous lesions show a steep decline thanks in part to the HPV vaccine. Plus: A father’s moving testimony supports California’s stricter vaccine regulations.

SB277 Passes: The California assembly approved a bill that would end students’ vaccine exemptions for personal or religious beliefs—making it one of the nation’s strictest vaccine regulations. [LA Times]

A Father’s Moving Testimony: Among the many who spoke out in support of SB277? Carl Krewitt, father of a 7-year-old leukemia survivor who could not be vaccinated. “I know what fear is because I was in the hospital with a kid whose odds of survival were pretty low. But what scared me more than the threat of disease was the misinformation” about vaccines. [Santa Cruz Sentinel]

CDC Panel Cautious on New Meningitis Vaccine Recommendation: A panel of health experts recommended a limited use of the relatively new meningitis (type b) vaccine. While the recommendation is a step forward, it fell short of a stronger recommendation for routine administration wanted by many of the parents and patients who testified in front of the panel. [NY Times]

Pre-Cancerous Cervical Lesions Decline: Although we won’t have direct proof for years that HPV vaccination can prevent cervical cancers, we’re seeing a drop in the number of young women with pre-cancerous cervical lesions — and that’s a great sign! [Health Day]

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