5 Trustworthy Vaccine Facebook Accounts to Like Now

Last week we told you about 5 great Twitter accounts to follow for reliable and useful immunization information. Another great place to connect with the immunization community? Facebook. We love these five immunization-related accounts for their important insights, timely news items, and (most importantly) accurate information. Like them now!

Voices For Vaccines: Voices for Vaccines is a group of parents dedicated to providing clear, science-based information on vaccines to help all parents make informed decisions for their children. The Facebook page provides useful, effective strategies for interacting with people who might have questions or concerns about vaccines on social media, plus insight into timely legislation like SB277, the California bill that would require all students to be vaccinated.

Nurses Who Vaccinate: Nurses Who Vaccinate’s goal is to enable healthcare professionals to be reliable, informed vaccine advocates. But the page is a great resource even if you don’t work in healthcare. Check here for updates on global news, such as the MERS outbreak in South Korea, practical information on keeping your vaccine status up to date, and stories showing the life-saving impact of immunizations around the world.

Immunize Colorado: This page is run by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, but it’s a fantastic resource no matter where you live. Immunize Colorado keeps its fans in the loop on a broad range of immunization topics. Like the page to stay up-to-date on immunization legislation and advocacy, learn about your own vaccine status, and find other immunization organizations doing important work globally.

Sabin Vaccine Institute: “We’re advocates for a world free of needless suffering” reads Sabin’s About section, and it sums this organization up pretty well. These scientists know how important vaccines are to improving public health, and they want to educate the public. The group is globally focused, so expect updates on immunization news from around the world.

Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance: Gavi focuses on the many people in developing countries who don’t have access to vaccines at all. The aim: to increase access to immunization in underdeveloped communities around the world.  Their Facebook page gives detailed information about their important work. We especially love their photos and videos, highlighting the people who directly benefit from vaccine access in developing countries.

Looking for more? Check to see if your area’s immunization coalition has a Facebook account for immunization-related news and events in your local community.

2 thoughts on “5 Trustworthy Vaccine Facebook Accounts to Like Now

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