Your Weekly Dose 6.19: All the Vaccine News You Missed

Measles hits a 16-year high in Australia, a tragic death inspires a lasting legacy, and mountaineers are the unsung vaccine heroes of Nicaragua.

One Infant’s Legacy: Australian newborn Riley Hughes died at 32 days from complications due to pertussis, but his parents have used the heartbreaking story to launch a free vaccination program for pregnant women — more than 3,000 women have received the vaccine since the program began in March. []

Measles Spikes in Australia: At least 340 cases of measles were recorded in Australia this year, marking a 16-year-high in the country. Compare that to 2008, when only 10 people came down with the vaccine-preventable disease. [mamamia]

Get Vaccinated, Chicago: At least three cases of meningitis have been recorded in Chicago, which means one thing—get vaccinated. Particularly at-risk groups include men who have sex with men, and men with HIV. [Washington Blade]

Nicaragua’s Unsung Vaccine HeroesMountaineers are true heroes in Nicaragua, where temperature-sensitive vaccines are delivered to remote villages by horseback (or whatever means necessary). [devex]

The Essential Vaccine Pregnant Women Aren’t GettingA staggering 86 percent of pregnant women aren’t getting their Tdap vaccines, a dose that prevents tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis, and is essential to get when a woman is between 27 and 36 weeks pregnant. []

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