5 Reliable (and Interesting!) Vaccine News Twitter Accounts to Follow Now

Twitter can be a great resource for accurate vaccine information. But with so many people talking about the issue, it’s hard to cut through the noise and know which accounts are reliable. A good place to start (besides us)? These five twitter accounts, which we love for their important insights, lively debates, and (crucially) trustworthy information. Follow them now!

@NFIDVaccines: This is a great one-stop shop for both vaccine news and practical information on keeping your vaccination status up to date. The best part: NFID posts plenty of retweet-worthy info graphics, perfect for keeping your own account fresh.

@Voices4Vaccines: Voices for Vaccines is a group of parents who provide clear, science-based information on immunizations to other parents to combat misinformation. Follow for reliable information about vaccine safety and effectiveness, as well as personal accounts of why vaccination matters.  

@shotofprev: This is the Twitter account for Shot of Prevention, a blog that provides perspectives, personal stories and analysis on vaccination-related news and topics. Watch them for updates on what’s going on in the immunization community and info into timely legislation, such as SB277, the California bill that would require all public and private school students to be vaccinated.

@gavi: Gavi’s Twitter account provides a more global perspective on immunizations and focuses on the many people in developing countries who don’t have access to vaccines at all. The aim: To increase access to immunizations in communities around the world. Follow for news on their work, plus updates on vaccine access in developing nations.

@sabinvaccine: The Sabin Vaccine Institute is working to combat vaccine-preventable and neglected tropical diseases around the globe by promoting existing vaccines and developing new ones. Follow this account for the latest news and research on vaccines and vaccine development.

Looking for more? Check to see if your area’s immunization coalition has a Twitter account for immunization-related news and events in your local community.

2 thoughts on “5 Reliable (and Interesting!) Vaccine News Twitter Accounts to Follow Now

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