Your Weekly Dose: All the Vaccine News You Missed

Astronaut fixing space ship.

This guy needs his flu shot, too. CC0 Public Domain / FAQ

California legislators vote in favor of a major vaccine bill, the HPV vaccine becomes even more of a no-brainer, and astronauts need the flu shot, too.

California Passes Vaccine Bill: Following five hours of debate, legislators in California’s Assembly Health Committee voted 12-6 in favor of a bill that will get rid of the state’s personal-belief exemption and require unvaccinated children to be homeschooled. Bill SB277 is a response to an early 2015 outbreak at Disneyland. Thanks, Mickey? [KSBY]

Astronauts Not Invincible, Need Flu Shots, Too: Think everything’s spic and span and sterile aboard the International Space Station? Not so much: “Bacteria and viruses adore the environment of a spacecraft: it’s warm, it’s sealed, it’s climate-controlled, and best of all it’s full of people who have nowhere to go and no way to avoid sharing any stray germs they might have brought with them.” Yep, that includes the flu. [Time]

All You Need Is One: Perhaps the best news of the week? A major new study found that just one dose of the 2vHPV vaccine (commonly known as Cervarix) could be enough to protect against two strains of the virus associated with several types of cancer, including cervical cancer. This is encouraging, but don’t go skipping your doses —more research is required before any conclusions can be made. [Huffington Post]

Measles Come to Alaska: The first case of measles in more than a decade was confirmed in Fairbanks, Alaska, this week. [Outbreak News Today]

Diptheria Arrives in Spain: Another bummer, from Spain: A six-year-old boy came down with the country’s first case of diphtheria in nearly 30 years. Eight children who came in contact with him are being kept in isolation. [Daily Beast]

HPV Vaccine Even More Effective: On the bright side, the newest version of 9vHPV offers as much as 11.1% more protection against cervical cancer than its predecessors. Hooray for preventing cancer! [Chicago Tribune]

AMA Backs End to Non-Medical Exemptions: The AMA sided with California legislators and backed an end to all non-medical exemptions. Though the AMA can’t make the laws, they can lobby for them. [Newsweek}

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