5 Great resources you can use to #FightFlu (yes there’s still time!)


It might be spring break, but we aren’t out of the woods yet! Several states in the U.S. are still reporting high levels of influenza-like illnesses. Please continue to encourage your family and friends to get vaccinated (if they haven’t already). Here are 5 great resources to get you started:  

1. Post one of these great #FightFlu memes on social media and let a vaccinated friend know you appreciate them going out of their way to protect themselves and their communities from the flu. Here’s our favorite:


2. Share this video from Texas Children’s Hospital with a friend. Stories can be a powerful way to demonstrate how important vaccination can be.

3. Let people know that flu can be a very big deal. In fact, many people don’t know that it causes more deaths per year, on average, than all other vaccine-preventable diseases combined. You can share this infographic on social media to help spread the word:

infographics - statistics-flu

4. Send an e-card to show your friends/family/coworkers you care about their health and want them to get vaccinated. The CDC has a whole host of great ones to choose from.



5. Help your yet-to-be-vaccinated loved ones know where they can get a flu vaccine by visiting the Vaccine Finder. Just type in your zip code to find vaccination locations near you.


What are some resources you’ve used to #FightFlu so far this season? Let us know in the comments below! 

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