The Best Advantage for a Healthy Life

Earlier this week, we posted this video from VaxNorthwest on our Facebook page. Not only is this family of five adorable, but they are offering a gift to the world by sharing their positive story of prevention. Most young mothers have never seen anyone affected by the diseases that vaccines protect our children against. We don’t see these diseases as often anymore because we vaccinate. What we do see is what happens when we don’t.  And that’s precisely why Brian, the father of the three kiddos in this video, is proud to vaccinate his kids. He wants to give his children every advantage that he can.

Stories are powerful, and peer-to-peer information sharing guides many of the decisions that parents make. We could share hard data with you for weeks straight about the benefit and safety of vaccines, but for many, stories matter just as much, if not more. Share your stories, and share them often. Proudly post a #flushotselfie on social media or mention to your friends that your teenager has finished all three doses of the HPV vaccine.  Tell your mom’s group how great it feels to have your baby on the recommended vaccine schedule. Be proud that you vaccinate, because you’re giving your baby the best advantage for a healthy life.  

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