Speech, Intimidation and the Anti-vaccine Movement

Remember the group of students who flew out to Houston for our premiere of the documentary Invisible Threat? As we’ve written before, the documentary was well-researched and scientifically accurate, but those students are now under attack from the anti-vaccine movement. A national call for action was issued against the film, and the students and their adult mentors have received an onslaught of online insults and harassing messages. The bullying has been vicious, even going so far as comparing the students to nazis.

Harpocrates Speaks wrote a great post going into depth regarding the claims made against the filmmakers (and why they’re inaccurate), as well as some thoughts and feelings held by the students.

Needless to say, this bullying against a group of high school students is troubling.

Dorit Reiss, a professor at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, wrote an op ed for the San Francisco Daily Journal about the attacks not just on the students, but also on other individuals such as Paul Offit, MD, and Emily Willingham, who have been vocal about the science supporting vaccination.

In it, Dorit writes, “The scientific consensus is clear: Vaccines save lives, and their small risks are far outweighed by their tremendous benefits. The anti-vaccine movement cannot win on the facts or on the science. So they attack: It’s all they have.

“It won’t work… All the attacks do is expose the weakness of the anti-vaccine case. And reflect badly on those that use them.”

We couldn’t agree more. Truth is on the side of these students, and we hope you’ll join us in showing your support for them.

You can read Dorit’s full op ed here: “Speech, intimidation and the anti-vaccine movement”

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