The Immunization Partnership Website

“Drumroll please…”

Introducing The Immunization Partnership’s brand new website,


*Cheers! Bravo! Well done!*

If you haven’t had a chance to check out TIP’s new online presence, wait no longer – it’s an amazing resource and a wealth of information for the immunization community (as a whole, and locally).  Allow me to point out just a few of the awesome things you will find on immunizeusa.org:

  • WHAT The Immunization Partnership does; WHY and HOW they do it
  • The history and mission statement of TIP
  • The wonderful people behind TIP – their backgrounds, expertise, and roles; as well as TIP’s Board of Directors, Physician’s Advisory Council and Advisory Committee
  • Information about Immunization Champions – how this program has improved vaccination coverage rates, and how YOU can become a champion
  • Evidence-based resources for patients, such as
    • Immunization schedules for children , teens and adults
    • Personal stories of families affected by vaccine-preventable diseases
    • Information/myths/misconceptions about vaccines
  • Resources for healthcare providers, like
    • TIP provider toolkits
    • Educational materials for clinics
    • Research regarding specific vaccines
    • Training resources for clinical staff
  • Webinars featuring issues ranging from health care reform to vaccine-hesitant parents
  • Fantastic videos, like this Ted Talk, given by TIP’s very own Anna Dragsbaek
  • TIP in the news and current media happenings in the vaccination world
  • Links to TIP’s Facebook, Twitter, and MOMmunizations blog

You will learn:

  • About upcoming events, on a local and national level; view the April 2014 calendar HERE
  • Where TIP’s funding goes
  • How to donate to – and join – the Big Shot Society
  • About TIP’s community forums, or Lunch & Learns, where experts share information on topics related to immunizations
  • What “Community Immunity” is all about, and how to request a speaker for your next meeting or event
  • About legislative issues, and how to take action to become an advocate for immunization in your community

The team at TIP has done a fantastic job with this site.  It really is wonderful to have so much great information all in one place.  Now that you’ve read the “Cliffs Notes,” go check it out for yourself.

Explore!  Enjoy!  Learn!


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