A Night To Remember

invisible threatWhat a night!  If you weren’t able to join us last Thursday evening for the national premiere of “Invisible Threat” you missed out!  This film went far beyond my expectations.  I was shocked to see the raw talent and pure journalistic integrity that these high school students encompass and were able to project on screen.  As the film begins you quickly realize that the intent of this project was to present an unbiased, educational movie about immunizations.  The initial goal was not intended to share the life-saving power of vaccines, but rather to educate people about vaccines.  How do they work?  Are they safe?  Are they even necessary?  These common questions were answered simply and knowledgeably by high school students who were simply on a search for the truth.

As the film progresses we learned a little about the history of vaccines, saw interviews with physicians, an anti-vaccine advocate, a natural medicine doctor, and a retired United States Brigadier General. While all of these people were vital to the film, the most poignant of all were the stories of mother’s who lost a child to a vaccine-preventable disease.  As these mothers told their stories I looked to my husband sitting next to me and saw tears streaming down his face.  You could feel the emotion in the room.  These young film makers were making an impact.

But the message this film sends goes far beyond “go get your shots.”  It digs much deeper into the personal and even universal consequences of a world where people refuse vaccinations.  Even exploring the possibility that diseases that are all but eradicated from the United States thanks to immunization could easily resurface should immunization rates continue to fall.  The continuing myth that vaccines are in some way associated with autism is examined and the world’s leading medical experts on the subject provide proven scientific evidence that there simply is no relation between the two.

This film exposes the truth: vaccines save lives.

We also had the honor of hearing from a very distinguished group of panelists:  Lisa Posard, Producer of “Invisible Threat,” Doug Green, Director of “Invisible Threat,” Amy Pisani, Executive Director of Every Child by Two, Frankie Milley, Founder/National Executive Director of Meningitis Angels, and Dr. Carol Baker, Professor of Molecular Virology and Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine.

And of course this night would never have been possible without the students who took the time and effort to make this amazing to film.  I’m not sure that they knew the powerful impact their hard work and dedication would have.  A special thanks to all the students involved in the making of this film.  I hope it’s a night they won’t forget…I know I won’t.

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