The Truth of the Matter…

flutruthLast night as I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that The Immunization Partnership’s very own President and C.E.O. had updated her status with the following message:

Yes, it’s true that the flu shot isn’t 100% effective. Thomas Dragsbæk has the flu (and you KNOW he got the shot). BUT…no one else in the family has it so community immunity worked again. Poor Thomas…but I’m very happy the rest of us are healthy, particularly since one member of our family is at high risk for severe complications from the flu. Yeah, vaccines!

Why on earth would she (or I) post that someone who had received their flu shot ended up with the flu?  Why not sweep it under the rug and just pretend that it never happened?  Because our goal is to promote the TRUTH!  So here you go; the TRUTH about the flu and the vaccine that prevents it.

  • The flu shot is safe and effective
  • The flu shot is not 100% effective but it is still the BEST way to prevent the flu
  • The flu is not just a bad cold
  • The flu can be life-threatening, particularly in young children, the elderly and those suffering from a number of medical conditions
  • A flu vaccine CANNOT give you the flu (we can argue this all day but it just doesn’t work that way)
  • Getting a flu shot is the BEST way to protect not only yourself but EVERYONE around you

So yes, the flu shot did not protect Anna’s son from the flu, but it did protect Anna and the rest of her family.  As Anna said “community immunity worked again.”  Instead of an entire family being sick only one person is dealing with the symptoms associated with the seasonal flu.  Again, the flu shot is not perfect, but it did do its job.  It protected a family.

It is also worth noting that Anna’s family has a very important reason to make sure they are vaccinated against the flu.  Anna’s father is currently living in a rehab facility here in Houston while recovering from a serious illness.  (And on a side note I have Anna’s permission to share this information!) The very last thing he needs is to be surrounded by people who are not taking every measure to protect themselves, and ultimately him, from the flu this season.  The consequences of the flu could be devastating for him.  Anna even took the extra steps to help protect her father by making sure that the facility he is at requires that patients and staff stay up-to-date on their vaccinations.  Now that’s what I call leading by example!

In summary…there are no cover-ups or conspiracies here.  Pharmaceutical companies and doctors are not just trying to make money off of you.  They are trying to keep you healthy and potentially save your life.  This flu season let’s spread the TRUTH not the flu!

And Thomas…get well soon!!

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