A Sigh of Relief

6 months“Ahhh.”  That is the sound of me breathing a huge sigh of relief! Why?  Because on Tuesday my daughter received not only her 6 month vaccinations, but also her flu vaccine as well!  Up to this point she has been susceptible to a long list of vaccine-preventable diseases, but now I have the comfort of knowing that she has been given the vaccines needed to exist in a world of potentially life-threatening illnesses.  Let’s remember that full protection from vaccine-preventable diseases is a LIFELONG process.  Teens and adults need to stay up-to-date on vaccinations, but the 6 month mark is very important to me.  Why?  Because she has now received a complete series of vaccines to protect her from Rotavirus.  Having seen first- hand the potential consequences of being unprotected from this preventable disease I did not want history to repeat itself.  Get those vaccinations as soon as you can! I know a lot of parents dread doctor’s appointments that involve vaccinations, but the day she turned 6 months we were sitting in the office ready to be protected.

While every vaccine is just as important as the next, I was also excited for her to receive her flu shot.  I have enough going on in my life with three young children.  The last thing I need is for one of them to contract an illness that could have easily been prevented.  My husband even stopped by our local pharmacy that evening to get his vaccine which is particularly important because he is considered to be at a higher risk of flu-related complications after suffering from a heart attack 2 years ago.

You may be wondering if we were up all night dealing with a fussy baby after getting 4 shots in one day.  Nope.  A little Tylenol after the injections and a nice soft toy to chew on and she was happy as ever!  No soreness, swelling or redness.  No fever or crying (except for a few tears while she received the injections).  She was her normal happy self.  If anything my husband was a bigger baby with his sore arm than my actual baby!  Sorry Eric, but it’s true!

It’s important to take the steps necessary to protect your family.  We all buckle our children in their car seats to protect them in case of an accident.  Vaccines are simply a safety net if/when your children come in contact with a vaccine-preventable disease.  You don’t expect it to happen, but if it does the results can be catastrophic if the proper safety measures are not put into place.  Protect yourself and your children and stay up-to-date on your vaccinations!

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