Back In The Game

back in the gameAfter 4 months of trying to find a new normal while wrangling 3 kids, I’m back in the game!  I don’t know if I would say that I’m reenergized after my break but I’m certainly excited to start blogging again! It seems that I am destined to be involved in the ongoing battle to encourage and educate people to immunize themselves and their families.  When my youngest daughter hit the one month mark we decided to take the family out to eat in an open outdoor area but of course what would dinner out be without a little bit of drama.  Within a few minutes of arriving I noticed my son playing with another little boy who was covered with chickenpox.  You can only imagine my horror as I am sitting there with an unprotected newborn.  We quickly packed up and headed home.  Just a few weeks after that I attended a baby shower for my sister only to find out after the party that one of the ladies in attendance (who my daughter and I happened to be sitting next to) was suffering from shingles.  And just this week when I picked my older two up from school I found a note in their bags saying a student had a confirmed case of chickenpox.  All that to say, vaccine-preventable diseases are everywhere.  Just look at the latest headlines out of Dallas where the reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric of a church pastor ultimately led to a measles outbreak among its church members.  As a third time new mom it is frustrating to know that I can do everything right and protect my child through vaccination, but because of her age she cannot yet receive every vaccine, leaving her vulnerable to measles, chickenpox, and a list of other potentially fatal diseases.

I know a lot of parents dread taking their children in for vaccinations, but I look forward to it!  In my mind it’s just one more thing I can do to protect my baby, as well as others, from unnecessary suffering and illness.  A few days ago my daughter received her 4 month immunizations and I was thrilled that her doctor offered to give me my flu shot at the same time.  Since my sweet girl is not eligible to receive a flu shot until she is 6 months old it is crucial that everyone in our family be immunized to decrease her risk of infection.

Again, I am so excited to be back, sharing my thoughts and experiences with all of you.  Be sure to check the blog this Monday, September 9 for a special edition and learn about a new project The Immunization Partnership is working on to help spread the truth about vaccines and put any false information to rest!

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