TIP Staff Spotlight Series: The Not-So-Stay-At-Home Mom

Alana asked each of us here at The Immunization Partnership to write a little about how we got here and why we do what we do. This week we continue the series with Julie, the Director of Development. 

Julie Comiskey | Director of Development

As I look at my son, Corbin, I cannot imagine a life without him in it.  He loves life and always has a great time. His favorite saying is “What’s next mom?”  


There are parents who have lost children needlessly to diseases that could have been prevented.  Before I came to The Immunization Partnership (TIP), I was a “stay-at-home” mom. However that term is an oxymoron because I ran around like crazy and was rarely at home.

Last December a recruiter contacted me about the position at TIP. I really wasn’t looking to go back to work and wasn’t going to interview. But then I started thinking about TIP and its mission of protecting communities from vaccine-preventable diseases. I began to do a little more research and discovered how easy it is to opt out of getting your children their shots. A past conversation came to me. My friend was telling me how she just checked a box on a form that said for “reasons of conscience.” That was all she needed. And they didn’t give her child his vaccines. If her son were to sit next to your child in school, you would never know that he was not current on his shots.

A few of my friends had chosen not to vaccinate their children or to delay their vaccinations, and it struck a nerve in me. These were intelligent moms that were simply misinformed and believed the stories about vaccines that were not based on science.  Their children were not protected against preventable diseases and could potentially be carriers of disease in our community.

I knew that if I was going to take time away from my family that it had to be for something that I truly believed in. I decided that Corbin was ready for me to re-enter the work force and The Immunization Partnership was doing important work. So, in January I made the transition to TIP and have loved every minute of it!

… Well most minutes anyway. 🙂


One thought on “TIP Staff Spotlight Series: The Not-So-Stay-At-Home Mom

  1. Good for you! And it’s great that your creating awareness about proper immunizations for the children. I think you’ve just proven that the transition from being a stay-at-home mom to becoming a working mom again would really depend heavily on how ‘ready’ you are. Good for you!

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