Join The Resolution!

New YearsWith a new year comes new goals.  Whether professional or personal, everyone seems to have a list of things they hope to accomplish over the next 12 months.  It’s hard to ignore the people all around us who will begin going to the gym, giving up cigarettes, or even attempting to set and follow a budget!  But let’s be honest, before long your favorite treadmill at the gym will once again be empty as the responsibilities and stresses of everyday life begin to slowly push away the importance of the goals that were set on January 1st.  I have attempted to make and keep resolutions in the past but nothing ever seems to last the whole year.  I have the best of intentions but I get bored, busy or just too tired of trying to incorporate a major lifestyle change.  However, this year I’m trying something new.  Instead of making a list for myself I have made a list for others.   That’s right, my new year’s resolution is actually a goal for all of you!  Over the next year I want my friends, family, and all of you to continue, or begin, to educate yourselves and others on the importance of vaccinations.  Sounds like an easy out for me right?  Not exactly.  To help all of you accomplish your goal I have to put in a little work myself.  My husband and I started our mission a little early by explaining to our families the importance of receiving their annual flu vaccines not only for their protection, but also to protect those around them.  By continuing to blog about this globally important issue I hope to make a positive impact on the fight to make our communities and our world a safer place one shot at a time.  I also hope to dispel scientifically disproven rumors surrounding the association between vaccines and autism.

Why is this my goal?  Without stating the obvious, vaccinations save lives.  Plain and simple.  The research has been done, the results are in.  Vaccines are the safest and most effective way to keep communities free of diseases that are capable of causing life-long disabilities or even death for their victims.  My family has personally witnessed the frightening effects of a vaccine-preventable disease and as we welcome our third child into the world this spring, I cannot think of a better gift for her than to help spread this important message.

So what can you do to help me accomplish my goal?  How are you going to educate yourself and others about an issue that affects all of us?  Let me hear from you!  Tell me what you are doing to spread the message that vaccines save lives and let’s try to make the world a safer place one shot at a time!  Happy New Year!

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