Get In The Spirit….

ChristmasWhat gets you in the holiday spirit?  Is it the decorations, the presents, the parties?  What about the songs?  I know that sitting around listening to some of my favorite holiday renditions really gets me excited about a visit from good old Santa Claus.  Have you ever thought that a song could get someone in the spirit to vaccinate?  Confused?  Well just watch this and I’ll explain:

Tell me you’re not about to send that link out to your friends!  Musical parody plus important life-saving message equals a hit in my book!  If you haven’t heard of him before let me (in)formally introduce you to Dr. Zubin Damania, otherwise known as his alter ego “ZDogg MD.”  Dr. Damania, a clinical hospitalist in Las Vegas has managed to highlight the true consequences of vaccine-preventable diseases all while providing viewers with an entertaining satirical look at the world of vaccines.  While the message he sends is intended for people of all ages, it speaks loudly to a younger generation who are still looking to make decisions regarding immunizations.  Dr. Damania has not only thought outside the box, but busted completely through it to promote the importance of preventing what’s preventable.

I had the privilege of meeting “ZDoggMD” a few months ago and since then speaking with him about the work he is doing in the world of immunizations.   In addition to his YouTube fame and his highly entertaining public appearances, he is currently overseeing healthcare development with The Downtown Project in Las Vegas.  The Downtown Project, a new urban development organization that was privately funded by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, focuses on “curating and developing the revitalization of downtown Las Vegas by funding the development of education, technology, and residential housing,” as well as what Dr. Damania describes as the city’s “broken healthcare system.”  Public health and immunizations are a huge piece of solving the health related problems plaguing the city.  In an effort to educate the community, thereby providing the highest level of primary care, the creation of the organization’s health clinic will also serve as a community center to provide not only free vaccinations when possible, but also much needed scientifically based information about the importance of immunizations in the community.

Christmas comes only once a year, but the time to immunize never ends!  Keep the spirit of immunizations alive and share a few of these catchy tunes with your friends and family.  Provide everyone you know with the gift that keeps on giving (and protecting) year round by encouraging them to get vaccinated against vaccine-preventable diseases.   Prevent what’s preventable and happy holidays everyone!

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