No Time To Waste!

And the saga continues.  Last week I told you about that nasty stomach bug my kids had, well the next day my husband and I found ourselves sitting in the emergency room at Texas Children’s Hospital with our daughter.  After 4 days in the hospital we are finally resting comfortably at home.  This was my first, and hopefully last, time having a truly sick child and it was terrifying.  I wanted nothing more than for my happy healthy little girl to return to me as quickly as possible.

Even with all the worry and sleepless nights, I could not have been more pleased with the care my daughter and our family received during our hospital stay.  One particular aspect of our stay proved to be particularly relevant to this blog; the hospital’s focus on keeping their patients and families safe through vaccinations.  Within minutes of meeting any doctor or nurse helping our daughter, we were asked the question: “Is your daughter and everyone in your family up-to-date on immunizations?”  Knowing that the transmission of many vaccine-preventable diseases is often traced back to a family member, I was thrilled that this was a top priority in caring for my child.  Fortunately I could answer this question with a resounding “Yes” and the emergency room doctors were able to almost immediately eliminate any concern that my child had contracted a vaccine-preventable disease, saving valuable time, resources, and unnecessary testing during our hospital stay.  Having an up-to-date shot record allowed the doctors to move forward and begin my daughter’s treatment quickly and efficiently without concern of there being a much more serious situation to handle.  This was particularly relevant in our situation because some of my daughter’s symptoms could have easily been interpreted as those of the rotavirus.

Happy to be heading home!

There is nothing worse than the fear of the unknown.  In a medical emergency, the unknown can cost doctors critical time, not to mention ineffective trial-and-error methods of treatment in an attempt to determine the best course of action of an undetermined ailment.  By keeping up-to-date on vaccinations, and just as importantly, knowing your vaccine status, you can help doctors make important and time sensitive decisions about the health of you and your children.

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