Welcome to The Immunization Partnership’s new blog site! Check out my message about how you can use this blog as a tool to stay connected to TIP.

This blog and our viral army are just the beginning of an information infiltration that we hope will spread fact-based and truth-driven immunization news across the city and throughout the state.

Our Immunization Partnership blog is meant to facilitate immunization conversations and we encourage you to feel free to join in. However, remember to keep your comments courteous, professional and respectful. Please take a look at our Comment Policies page for more information. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

– Anna C. Dragsbaek, President/CEO

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. I almost lost my oldest son to Meningitis when he was away at college. At that time there was no immunization available. He had been home for Spring Break and right before he left he was complaining about a stiff neck. I wrote it off as spending too much time at the computer. In about a week I had a call from the hospital ICU that my son was very sick and in ICU. He had Meningitis. His dorm Resident Assistant (RA) noticed that he was very sick. Neither the school nurse nor the clinic recognized how sick he really was. Fortunately the RA persisted and took him to a major medical center and convinced them to check him out. Without the persistence of college kids I would not have my son and his family today. I am strongly supportive of vaccines. By the way, I am an RN and did not recognize the early signs of Meningitis.

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